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We are based in Kochi with branches in Florida, Los Angeles , Atlanta, Kampala and Sanaa.

Pesca Choice Inc is in partnership alliance with Overseas trade solutions Inc , Atlanta. We have resident representatives in Kampala and Sanna. The offices allows close coordination of products and services to the clients. It gives confidence to the processors and buyers. It is a professional company run by partners who took graduation and post graduation in fish processing technology from the prestigious college of Fisheries , Cochin

Our professional education gave sound technical knowledge and lot of connections in all fields of the seafood industry including the Ministry of trade and industry, Chamber of commerce, Marine products export development authority, Seafood exporters association, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, Export Inspection Agency, Banks and seafood professional association and Kerala University of Fisheries and ocean studies. We always keep our ears open to new technologies and information. More over we deal with over 5 dozen Indian processing companies whose total is more than 50 % of the total export of Indian seafood. We made contract based annual supply with certain products with some of the leading companies. After the 19 yrs , we are in a comfortable leading position . Our operations are expanding and relations are getting matured, showing the value and trust in our service. Sound professional back ground , advise from a host of close connections and experience are our pillars of strength.


Our motto is Innovate and Improve. We have developed in house technologies which are unique to us. We submit all our resources for continuous improvement. Our innovations, readiness to adapt to changes and quantum of information through a host of contacts makes our company to take right decisions . This makes us to move ahead of others in speed and perfection.

We treat buyers and processors as our family members . We believe that a long term relation is possible only if all parties in the association are benefited . The customer is satisfied when he gets the product as per his specification. This is ensured by us through our own well trained quality assurance staff. They monitor all production orders continuously, make routine audits, keep records and analyze the buyers and processors and choose the best out of it. Quality is the culmination of all activities happening from the time of catch till it reaches on the customers table. Each step in the process are monitored and well coordinated. We developed our own critical points of checking for most of the products. The firm has written documented procedures for monitoring each product . When an order is placed with us, the modifications to the standard monitoring procedures are made and the quality staff are given adequate training before the start of processing. Quality compliance of the product to customer specifications and legal standards are a must to do long lasting business with Pesca Choice.We want the product to comply with the customer specifications on receipt by him. We dont want surprises . We use our staff expertise, use of technological developments, audits , third party audits, product monitoring , use of consultants and Inhouse R&D to develop standards, procedures and systems. All employees respect the systems and procedures which are reviewed as and when required. We believe that a superior quality food product is the result of culmination of minute good practices taken at each step starting from selection of fishing ground till it reaches the dining table of customer.
We do third party audits of our operations as well as our associates as part of self improvement. The traceability of the product orders are always verified on the site and are kept for a period of shelf life including the photos , videos, daily monitoring reports, pre- shipment inspection report and lab reports .



Our motto is Innovate and Improve. We have developed in house technologies which are unique to us. We submit all our resources for continuous improvement.

Our Products
We deal with a variety of seafood items from a number of quality committed reputed packers and offers to buyers from all over the world. There is something to choose for processors and buyers.
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